The grants may be used both to support the travel of scholars based at Stockholm University abroad and incoming guest scholars to Stockholm University. Grants may also be used for undertaking field-work or archival research. The Center also supports individual researchers and research groups that plan to apply for external funding of research projects. Please note that these planning grants are only open to those who have completed their doctorate.

Please note: If you have an idea about how to develop contacts with a counterpart but need support before the next round of applications, please get in touch with us for further discussions regarding potential funding.


Grants are open to staff and doctoral students at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Stockholm University and covers the period October 1, 2022 – September 30, 2023. Applications from foreign scholars should be submitted by their host department/unit at Stockholm University. The last date for applications is June 10, 2022. All applications should be sent by e-mail to and in two hard copies (including one signed original) to:

Stockholm Center for Global Asia
Eva Hansson
Department of Political Science
Stockholm University
106 91 Stockholm

All applications must include:

  1. a signed application form with a CV (Maximum 2 pages, including recent publications);
  2. a short description of the background and purpose of the visit and its expected outcome; and
  3. a budget.

The Center will give priority to applications which are expected to result in publications from researchers at Stockholm University or research applications which includes researchers at Stockholm University. The budget should include the following headings: i) travel costs; ii) housing; iii) daily allowance. In the case of planning grants, the cost of salary for a short period (maximum one month) may be included (including LKP and OH). For such grants, a short description of the proposed project, as well as the projected sources of future funding, must be included. It should also list the cooperating institutions abroad. There is no fixed amount for travel grants but the maximum amount for individual planning grants is 100.000 SEK, and for groups, 200.000 SEK. The length of the application should be maximum three pages for travel grants and five pages for planning grants (double spaced, 12 points). After completing the project, a short report (1-2 pages) should be sent to Forum for Asian Studies. After submission applications will be evaluated by external reviewers. Acceptance will be announced on September 23, 2022.

Download application form: SCGA Application 2022 (81 Kb)