Flyer Branding Chinese Mega-cities (Berg Björner) (801 Kb)

Berg and Björner have succeeded in putting together a thought-provoking volume that sheds light on the theory and practice of city branding and reveals the mechanics of city positioning. The focus on China is inciting but the implications extend well beyond Chinese mega-cities to all cities everywhere. The book stands on the crossroad where East and West meet, helping the reader learn from both; and the lessons for city branding are important, timely and rewarding.”

– Dr Mihalis Kavaratzis, University of Leicester, UK

This is fruitful cross-fertilisation between the perspective of business studies on brand making and the perspective of urban studies on place promotion. The studies are firmly grounded on Chinese mega-cities, yet relevant cases in the more developed world are critically reflected to illuminate the path to new practices of city marketing and governance in this emerging economy. These fascinating stories remind us of the policy mobility in this globalizing world – this is a book that will attract a wide audience across disciplines.

– Fulong Wu, University College London, UK

Per Olof Berg, Professor Emeritus, and Emma Björner, PhD Student, are at Stockholm Business School at Stockholm University, Sweden