Under our new name - Stockholm Center for Global Asia - we look forward to continuing to dedicate our work along our stated ambition to strengthen the development of social science research and education on Asia, Asia in the world, and the world in Asia, at Stockholm University. Our efforts will be focused on creating an inclusive and welcoming research milieu and we welcome all interesting ideas to push this vision forward. We hope you will get in touch with us when you have an idea, perhaps to organize a workshop or other ideas. Just contact either of the undersigned to discuss your idea informally, it’s as easy as that.

The Stockholm Center for Global Asia will continue to develop research networks and collaboration between Stockholm University and partner universities in Sweden and internationally. We will continue to support researchers’ mobility with our annual Call for Applications for Research Support and Grants, continue to develop our strategic program targeted towards junior researchers, and by organizing research applications workshops. Our by now well-established series of open seminars and lectures continues with the same steam as before. Here you have the chance to participating in seminars (or webinars) with researchers from around the world presenting and discussing their ongoing research, ‘meet the author’ or hot topic related seminars, and when the pandemics situation eases, our brown-bag lunch seminars will be resumed. As part of our outreach activities, we will also in 2021 participate in the Asian Film Festival in Stockholm by organizing seminars in relation to film screenings, and by co-organizing seminars with external actors.

In fall 2020 the Forum-initiated new Master’s Programme in Political Science with Specialization in Global Asian Studies accepted the first students. The program provides a two-year master's degree in Asian Studies (please click here for more information about the program). While hosted by the Department of Political Science, the program is a collaboration between the Department of Political Science, the Department of Social Anthropology, and the Department of Economic History and International Relations.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic situation the official launch of the Stockholm Center for Global Asia will be deferred to the fall semester. We hope by autumn physical meetings will be safe and make possible an interesting day dedicated to Asia research to mark the establishment of the new Center. Please watch out for further news!

To ensure that you will not miss updates about the official inauguration of the center, on our webinar series and other activities, just sign up for our newsletter by sending your e-mail address to asianstudies@su.se.

Welcome to join us in strengthening research and knowledge on Asia and Asia in the world!

Johan Lagerkvist                                     Eva Hansson
Director                                                     Coordinator
johan.lagerkvist@score.su.se                eva.hansson@statsvet.su.se