The Open Science movement has been largely co-opted by large, for-profit publishers. Elsevier, Wiley, Sage, among others have managed to embrace open access publishing without fundamentally altering their business-models, market-shares, or exploitative practices. This seminar explores the possibilities of creating Open Science from the bottom up, by researchers themselves, and for a public purpose. The seminar provides an overview of the Open Science movement, of which universities across Stockholm have been in the global vanguard, and then turns towards new approaches to research and knowledge dissemination and creation. In particular, the seminar looks at the research and entertainment nexus in the form of academic podcasting, which offers an important medium through which Open Science can reach and impact wide audiences. The seminar will consist of two to three presentations followed by an in-depth conversation. The goal is to begin a conversation about Open Science and creative research outputs to ensure scientific knowledge is shared across the global commons.

This seminar is co-arranged by the Department of Education, Stockholm University Library and Stockholm Center for Global Asia, Stockholm University.