Hong Kong on the brink: Is China's 'one country, two systems' formula coming to an end?

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The social protests to protect autonomy and rule of law in Hong Kong have raged for more than three months. Despite the concession by Chief Executive Carrie Lam to withdraw the extradition law that sparked the initial protest, the broad social movement continues to fight for full democratization. Can authoritarian China accept a fully democratic Hong Kong under Chinese sovereignty? Is the formula 'one country, two systems'  breaking apart between the different forces?

Johan Lagerkvist, professor of Chinese language and culture, and Director of Forum for Asian Studies, Stockholm University. His main research interests include Chinese state-society relations, modern Chinese history and political culture, China’s media system and internet politics, global governance, China’s political economy and evolving role in ‘South-South’ co-operation. Please see links below for Lagerkvist’s recent comments in media on the Hong Kong protest movement (in Swedish):